SEO Basics – Why is it SO Important?

We want to get down to the fundamentals and essential components that distinguish SEO from other marketing activities. We want to cover the basics that will help you better understand how SEO functions and why it is imperative for any business in this day and age.

The first and most primary reason SEO is vital is that it is all about driving relevant traffic to your website.

The best approach is to do it organically through Google, which is the leading search engine compared to other marketing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Straightly said, organic search traffic outnumbers all other traffic-producing sources combined and provides a competitive edge to your business.

The majority of the benefits SEO reaps are related to traffic; continue to read on to learn about the many benefits SEO offers.

Benefits of SEO

Consistent Traffic

Apart from driving traffic to your web page, SEO makes certain that the driven traffic is consistent. Therefore, if your website is ranked higher, it will witness constant traffic.

The reason that SEO takes precedence over other tools is that the searched content stays similar month-to-month. In contrast, if you talk about social media platforms, users always seek fresh content and do not repeatedly go through the same material.

  • Drives Free Traffic

Driving traffic without using expensive means is not an easy task. Still, you can avail of a cost-free influx of visitors landing on your website with the implementation of the right SEO tools and techniques.

If we talk about advertisements, you have to pay hefty amounts to reach your target audience, but you can do it for free with SEO.

For example, if you had to drive roughly 300K individuals on your website through Google, it would cost around $750K. So, though doing it organically is more arduous, your content must stand out to achieve a higher influx of people.


If Google does not know your website exists, how do you expect it to rank?

Google will eventually locate your website, but there are specific steps you can take to make the process faster.

  • ADDING BACKLINKS – will result in a faster discovery as google tends to notice websites referred to on other pages and sites.
  • MAKE YOUR WEBSITE INTRIGUING – use the recommendations offered by Google Search Console. Users must have a positive experience on your website for it to successfully attract more visitors.

The first step towards the accessibility of your website is the deliverance of your Sitemap to Google.

Sitemaps are files having lists of the essential pages your website has. You can look up your Sitemap by searching the address

Secondly, once you have your sitemap file ready, you need to submit it on Google Search Console then you can monitor your website with different SEO tools.


Getting your website live is just half the job. To stand out and gain a competitive advantage, you must consistently work on its betterment, and if done successfully, your chance of winning against your competitors’ increases.

To boost the SEO of your website, understand the following elements:

  • DOMAIN NAME – When choosing a domain name, you should always keep it to the point and avoid keyword stuffing. Make it memorable and related to your line of work.
  • TOP-LEVEL DOMAIN – Which is the part after your web name. For example: .com, .org, .edu and so on. Top-level domains, although make a less significant difference, are still important.


Not every business owner builds their website from scratch using proper coding such as HTML. It is both time-consuming and a tedious process.

An easier way to get the job done is to either opt for self-hosted platforms or hosted platforms.

Hosted platforms provide you with all the necessary tools – designs, editing, creation and management of content, and so on.

Self-hosted platforms do pretty much the same; you don’t need coding to occur. The only difference is that you install the codes and host them yourself.

Our recommendation is to opt for a self-hosted platform such as WordPress as it is both expansible and customizable. Although, opting for a hosted platform such as Shopify is not a bad idea either if you value ease of use more.


Dedicated hosting is a more suitable option if you have a higher footfall on your webpage.

Few things you must consider:

  • SECURITY – Your data is invaluable and should remain secure; hence choosing a hosting provider which offers high protection is a must.
  • LOCATION OF SERVER – Always choose the location of your server the same as your traffic, which will help avoid delays.
  • TIMELY SUPPORT – The hosting provider should have a readily available support team to guide you regarding your queries.


Google ranks websites higher if they offer a positive user experience.

To do this, you need to make your website secure by using HTTPS, indicating to users that their data is safe. Secondly, an appealing design is to be incorporated, making your website modern yet easy to use.

In addition, you must keep in mind that your website will primarily be accessed through cellular phones, and to make the experience successful, you need to make it mobile-friendly.

You must avoid extensive ad pop-ups and ensure it has a fast loading time for maximum user experience.


Keywords are of utmost importance when it comes to driving the right audience to your website. If you are not using these keywords, there are high chances your website will get swept away in this ever-evolving world of SEO.

Think of essential words that might be of similarity to your business and brainstorm ideas on what people might search for that would land them on your page.

Use Keyword tools such as Arhef’s, which will provide you reports on the type of content the audience is seeking.


You must be aware of the difference between whitehat vs. blackhat SEO. Blackhat SEO refers to using an easy way out where you stuff your website with keywords that might result in a higher audience but only in the short run.

In contrast, white hat SEO refers to strategizing your content and adding relevant keywords that increase users’ readability and find your content intriguing and of high quality.


Anyone thinking of diving into the world of SEO must understand and comprehend the basics before getting started.

We’ve made it as concise as possible for your understanding and hope that these tactics will prove beneficial for your website.

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