Organic Traffic vs Paid traffic- Which one is better?

Websites and social media platforms welcome lots of traffic daily. But have you wondered from where all this traffic comes? According to research, more than 87% of people use internet search engines to get their desired online experiences. When many websites appear before them, they choose higher ranking or are at page one of the search results.

Top search engine results are an essential thing. You can develop your website and bring it at top by SEO techniques and pay-per-click (PPC) methods. These both can help you increase traffic for your website. A website has organic traffic and paid traffic too.

Organic traffic vs paid traffic- Which one should we opt for? If you have questions like what is organic or paid traffic? Is one better than the other? Then, you are in the right place to get your answers.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to the visitors who come to your site because it appeared in the search engine results as an organic website, i.e., the website owner has not paid for the placement of the website on that page. Many websites appear on the screen when users search for anything. The ranking of these websites in the search results depends on various factors.

  • Optimization of keyword
  • Links from authority sites
  • Speed of site
  • Easy to crawl and index

In simpler words, organic traffic is not forced to click on an ad to reach your site. Instead, they choose your site because you show the most relevant information and think they can rely on you.

Effects of organic traffic on the bottom line

How the visitor will behave at your website depends on the queries of the visitor. Organic traffic requires a meager upfront investment. It takes much time to get ranked by Google, but once your website makes it to SERP, it will stay there for a while.

And when your website has high authority, then traffic from many pages will be gathered there, and with the right approach, you will attract several potential customers.

Why go for organic traffic?

Organic traffic is a powerful marketing channel because of the user base of Google. It will take a lot of time, maybe months or even years, to make SEO ranking websites. But once it’s done, it stays there for years and will keep on driving in SEO organic traffic if handled with proper tactics.

 In short, if you get ranked on the first page, your website’s future is made.

Benefits and Challenges of SEO

  • It is cost-effective and provides continual results.
  • It takes time to show results. You have to face algorithm changes, and results might fluctuate.

What is paid traffic?

When users click on ads that you have paid for and the ad takes them to your website, they are considered paid traffic. This is usually done through a pay-per-click strategy. The company creates an ad by spending budget, choosing the keyword, and placing the advertisement on SERPs.

Search engines like google and other social media platforms like Facebook also allow different websites to promote their content using ads. This is a quick way to get impressions and drive traffic to your website. This campaign mutually benefits both parties, visitors get their desired results, and you as a website owner can run your business.

Effects of paid traffic on the bottom line

Paid traffic is a way to bring visitors any time whenever you want. You can grow your business fast and earn a profit too. You will only be charged by an advertising company promoting your website only when the relevant audience interacts with you.

 At every click, you’ll be paid, and even if only 10 of 100 are your customers, it will be profitable for you.

Why go for paid traffic?

The most important benefit of paid traffic is that it’s fast. You have to invest money in the ad. Paid traffic is scaled easily. Just scale your PPC campaign by increasing the project. Once the ad is ready, the keywords will attract visitors, and you’ll start seeing results with a paid traffic channel.

Your ad should be exciting, and content should have good quality, and you’ll see an influx of more significant traffic.

Benefits and Challenges of PPC

  • It gives immediate and quantifiable results. You have the advantage of target control.
  • It is a short-term benefit. The cost per click is higher.

Organic vs paid traffic- a comparison

Getting organic SEO traffic is like buying a house, where you have an upfront investment, and the house comes under your ownership. It has long-term value. Paid advertisement is like renting a home. You constantly pay the costs and keep the house.

In SEO organic traffic, you have to wait to get indexed. After getting indexed, you have to work continuously to improve your ranking. It is a battle that should be fought with patience to make your way up on SERP. When you pay for advertising your website, you pay for a higher place on the page that’s above organic searches.

Which one should you choose?

Both of these are not opposing forces for each other. Instead, they are each other’s complements. You can merge both of them and get the best of benefits this way.

When you start working, it is better if you go for PPC strategies for quick traffic acquisition. Along with this, you can set up your SEO or organic website since it’s time-consuming to get benefited through paid advertising, and once your website gets ranked in SEO, you can fold this paid traffic thing.

Many traffic agencies can help you through your way. One of the top traffic providing agency might provide you desirable results.You can also take their services to improve organic traffic of your website.

Final word

Ultimately, you can get advantages from both ways. Paid ads will increase awareness of your brand and generate valuable traffic, while site optimization will elevate your business to the extent that you’ll earn profit for many years. We recommend investing in both to boost your business for good.

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