How to drive organic traffic to your website?

Organic search brings 51% of all traffic from the web and around 40% of revenue. That is why the search marketing teams constantly aim to generate more and more search traffic. Rank on page one for the keyword in any search engine, and you will see organic traffic boost, rank in the top 3 positions, or get a featured snippet for that keyword.

Fail to rank on page one, and the missed opportunity to drive bottom-line revenues will get tangible. Hence it isn’t a surprise that figuring on how to increase organic traffic is the Holy grail of search marketing. So how to drive organic traffic is as follows:

1. Recognize and fix content that isn’t performing well:

First, you have to recognize the best performing content on your website that counts for traffic, backlinks, and ranking keywords and conversions. Running any content audit is an ideal way to do this:

  • Create an inventory of your target keywords and related articles that do not capture much traffic for this term. One way to do this is to use a keywords tool. 
  • Type in your site to have a list of all the keywords driving traffic to the site you are running
  • Use the filters to exclude all of the terms that already have a considerable share of traffic for this keyword by filtering the ones that are at 0 to 5
  • This will give you a good list of keywords that are bringing some traffic to your site. Download this data in a spreadsheet. 

2. Find new keywords opportunities:

To know how to drive organic traffic, you will have to know that even the most potent keyword strategy will have gaps. That is just all-natural. New relevant keywords emerge all of the time, and adding new product features opens new keyword opportunities. It takes time for content production to use those opportunities in the keyword strategy.

Don’t just accept all gap-filled processes. Missed keyword opportunities can stop organic traffic growth and give the competitors an advantage. 

3. Optimize your website for higher CTR:

Positioning on page one is only half part of an organic search web traffic battle. You also have to convince your searchers to click on your result and not of your competitors. Optimizing for click-through rate has a double benefit for your website traffic.

Firstly, you will entice searchers away from all of the competitor sites and over your own, increasing your organic traffic. And secondly, you will send positive signals to all of the search engines.

4. A blog to increase ranking keywords fast:

Blogging is one of the super-fast ways to increase the number of keywords, mainly non-branded keywords, that your site ranks for. Blog posts allow you to position your brand as the expert in your field with all of the top funnel information posts and will enable you to show your products to people reaching for all related information.

Blogging may also be relevant to your marketing funnel and the B2B marketing strategy, filling all of the sales funnel with qualified leads off the back of old stuff. 

5. Exploit site architecture to have sightlines:

Site architecture plays the primary role in how crawlers research your site and how human searchers navigate and then engage with it. Crawlers won’t even know which pages or posts are the most important to your site if your site architecture is confusing. Users may also not find any information they need, causing them to bounce away from the site.

This then sends negative ranking signals to search engines so that your site drops in the SERPs. But good architecture will boost and increase website traffic by positioning your site higher in results and increasing all chances of having sightlines features in SERPs. 

6. Dominate featured snippets:

Google introduced featured snippets. The enriched results aim to answer all the questions that a searcher questions directly in results pages, meaning they never require to leave Google and find the information they need.

It is also possible that recent Google features that include featured snippets and the knowledge graph means fewer people re-sent to your website through search engine results. But it won’t have to be this way. Innovative structure and content are the primary sources to get traffic to your website for free. You can also manage to check website traffic and see how it boosts with time. 

So these were a few ways to increase website traffic that you can use to grow online and let many people access the information you have to share with them. You can also start making passive income through your website.

if you are rightfully able to bring people to your website through its optimization. If people click through the search results on your website, your site will grow in rank on the first page. 

You can appear in feature snippets as well. You can not request that search engines allow you to be on featured snippets. You may, however, follow a few steps to boost your chances of appearing in a snippet. Google has many different types of featured snippet formats, including a few short paragraphs and tables. 

So are you now ready to make it big online and let your online hobby get a traffic boost? You can also manage to check website traffic free by getting the services of HitzBoost that are allowing their customers to buy traffic as well.

You are free to choose any service that you think will grow your business like crazy. Going for paid methods may be a loss of time and money; hence you must go for the free version without losing anything. 

Here you will find all the top methods to buy website visitors and let your website be the best of what it can be. Soon when you start to make money through this method and grow the business you are trying for, you will get addicted to getting more and more web traffic.

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