How to Build Backlinks to Rank on Google?

A backlink, also known as “inbound link” or “one-way link,” is mentioned on a website that takes visitors to another website.

If another website includes your website’s link in an article or a blog post, it implies they added a backlink to your site so that their audience may visit your page.


Search engines like Google have a ranking system for visibility of websites – they rank each website in descending order based on how worthy they are of visibility.

The more significant position you have in the ranking hierarchy, the greater visibility you will achieve.

Moving on to how Google decides the ranking order, they see backlinks as people vouching for your website.

You can consider backlinks as votes from websites, telling the search engines like Google that this content is worth reading!

The higher the number of people vouching for your websites, the greater the probability of google raising your ranking.

There is a positive correlation between the number of backlinks from websites and authentic website traffic.


Before we begin the discussion on “building links,” it is essential to burst the bubble of anyone thinking that there could be a hack to creating backlinks.

Tighten your seat belts; we will break down the steps individually as much effort and time are required for building links.

You can create top-class backlinks just by following these steps:


It would be best if you went through your competitor backlinks that were attached in other articles or blog posts and then examine them

We know that high-quality content gets the backlinks. Therefore, it is essential to search for articles or blog posts with the most one-way links.

To find out those blog posts, you will have to perform the following steps.

  • Download the SEO for Firefox Toolbar
  • Search anything on Google, for, e.g., “Blue bag-packs.” Select the option which says “show options,” and then select “blogs.”
  • Select the “100” option, and that will show you the top 100 blog posts.
  • Click on the link that says “CSV” and download the results.


Once you have found out the content that attracts most of the inbound links, you have to search for the sites linked to that content.

To find out who linked those blog posts, go back to those files. Select those blogs and go through the profiles of their links.

You can do this by utilizing the “Yahoo Page Links” option on the SEO for Firefox Toolbar. To find out who linked those blog posts, go back to those files. Select those blogs and go through the profiles of their links.


It is imperative to find the reasoning when researching something.

Henceforth, to create content that would attract backlinks, it is essential to know why specifically, only a few blogs receive backlinks.

Is there a common element among the blogs that attract the most inbound backlinks?

Based on our research, anything that stands out of the box attracts most of the audience and attracts backlinks.


Now, it is understood that to make people link to your website, you need premium content that should also be a bit innovative.

We ask you not to be highly different because that could also be risky, and neither should you copy content.

Find a midway that helps you create your league while you attract backlinks.


Creating high-quality content will be of no use if it is not reaching out to people, so a combination of good content and marketing is required.

You will have to speak to social media influencers, bloggers, and website owners to talk them into linking your blogs thats why you should see our guide on Organic vs paid traffic sources.

It is better to talk to them in a manner that does not make you sound desperate. Instead, it should make you appear professional. You can begin sending individuals your content and then politely ask them to link it to their articles.


When you attract several backlinks to your website, a large audience gets access to it, and if they find your content interesting, then eventually visit the rest of the blog posts on your website and engage as well.

Google’s basis for creating and maintaining the ranking of a website depends on the number of backlinks a website has. The algorithm is not only based on this, but the backlinks play a significant role in deciding your position in the ranking of search results.


There is an ongoing debate on which of the two is the most important to have a high rank for visibility in search results. Some people believe that the number of backlinks matters the most; the higher the number, the greater the chances of raising your rank.

However, others think the other way around. They believe that if the quality of backlinks is not high, the quantity will not do much to your rank.

Before we jump on to this debate, it is essential to know what are “quality backlinks”? Is there a standard created to achieve high-quality backlinks, or is it subjective?

A good quality backlink is the one you attach from a high domain authority website.

A high domain authority website would be trusted and acknowledged by Google’s algorithm and the people as well.

Henceforth, we can say that the more famous or acknowledged a website is, the higher the quality link it would be.

Now we know that quality backlinks are essential because the websites they come from are trustworthy and well-known.

We now move on to the other side of the debate, whether the quantity of backlinks plays a significant role in deciding the rank hierarchy of visibility.

Our research shows the number of backlinks that you attract helps quickly bring visitors to your websites without taking too long. Hence, the process is not as time-consuming as it would have been had you focused on generating “high-quality backlinks.”

People who support the quantity side of the debate generate backlinks that are somewhat in the mid of extremely high and low domain authority. These people concentrate on getting backlinks from reliable resources and do not focus much on quality.

Reliable backlinks save time and get the work done, which raises your rank in the search results.


It is essential to build backlinks if you want to improve your visibility in the search engines like Google. The higher the visibility, the larger your audience becomes.

Use this post as a guide and use the techniques mentioned above to build backlinks the right way.

You wouldn’t want all the effort you put into your content to go to waste just because you did not make use of backlinks – proficiently implement them and attract more visitors to land on your website

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