How to Boost your website traffic without SEO?

As a beginner, it isn’t easy to get organic traffic to your website since you are starting from scratch. You might not be practicing SEO strategy right now but remember it is a long-term process.

SEO is essential, but SEO is not everything. We’ll suggest ways to drive traffic to your website without SEO or until your SEO fruit ripens since it will take at least a few months before your search engine optimization efforts start bringing you rewards.

It can be a bad thing to rely on just SEO traffic. It’s an ideal marketing option to expand your website traffic sources. In this way, when one traffic source is not working well or permanently closed its door on you, you have other traffic sources to help you.

This traffic will help you make sales and increase exposure. It will also provide you with different opportunities for social media sharing and link building, which will only speed up the search engine optimization process. So it’s a good deal.

Let’s go through some ways of getting traffic to your website.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is best because your ranking does not affect it in the SEO world. Facebook and Twitter seem most helpful while establishing your business.

 According to a survey by SarchEngineJournal in 2018, 62% of the Search engine Journal audience says Facebook drives the most traffic to their website, 10% picked LinkedIn as their top social media channel, 22% votes for Twitter for driving the most traffic.

Guest posts

Guest post is the post you write and publish on someone else’s website since they already have an audience and a reputation, so it helps you in reaching several people.

Guest blogging is probably the essential thing for your website if it isn’t SEO optimized. It is because guest blogging will not only drive targeted traffic visitors to your website, but it will also help you gain valuable links for your search engine optimization process. Guest posts are an easy way to get quick access to an audience

Paid traffic

If you need targeted traffic on a quick note and can’t wait until you make it to top search engines, buying traffic is a shortcut.

With the help of many online agencies on the internet today, it is becoming increasingly easier to get in front of thousands of targeted audiences with little investment than Facebook advertising.

Do Hosting Blogging Posts help in Bringing Traffic to Your Website?

Host blogging strategy is similar to guest posts, but instead of posting on someone else’s website, you invite others to write and post on your website.

Once the guest post is published on your website, both you and the publisher will start promoting that particular post to both of your audiences to drive traffic.

Now, Two people are promoting the same post which is on your website. And this situation is profitable for both people. In this way, host blogging helps you get organic traffic and is a step towards SEO traffic.

Marketing by influencer

Influencers are primarily social media users with many “active followers” who trust and care about what the influencer says, share, recommend and endorse, etc. Influencer marketing can bring significant traffic if done in the right way by the right people or websites. And it can be best means to increase website traffic without SEO.

When you have support of an influencer to help in promoting your content.It can quickly go viral and bring significant traffic to your website. Imagine if a world-famous influencer promotes your website, then you will get a massive amount of traffic in a go.

Blog Commenting

Some website owners and bloggers think of blog commenting as a very outdated technique. However, it still works and works very well. If you do it right, it can bring massive traffic. The key here is to understand how it works and what you need to do to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Facebook and LinkedIn groups to boost website traffic

 Facebook is a gold mine. It would help if you worked strategically while joining groups and carefully deciding when to post and post. Facebook has access to the ordinary person so that the website can spread like fire in the forest. The x

LinkedIn groups are another excellent traffic booster. LinkedIn can quickly help you drive qualified traffic to your site. Because LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Some experienced people use LinkedIn every day. Carefully think and analyze before posting a thing. Using LinkedIn increases the chance of quick drive-in of organic traffic since it is most popular worldwide.

A quick solution to drive in more traffic

All your queries and problems to SEO your website and earn traffic while your website is still in process to make it to SEO can be solved easily from this one website Hitz boost

When you want to develop your website, you should look for time-saving and money-saving. There are many free-of-cost methods to gather several visitors for your website. So don’t waste your time. Once when people start engaging with your website, then your website will become reliable too. Then you will be a step closer to SEO your website.


SEO traffic is actuallyof high quality than other website traffic generation sources. Users who directly reach your website by searching will benefit you more than those who come from other traffic websites or sources.

But for many other marketers, SEO traffic is really hard to get and is a long-time process. At this time, these traffic agencies act as a lifesaver. You can opt for other ways mentioned above as well.

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