The 3 Best SEO Tools

If you are perplexed about choosing the best SEO tool, we have summarized below the functions of 3 of the best SEO tools that will help you achieve visibility and attract your desired audience.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, enhances a website’s ranking when individuals lookup relevant queries on search engines like Google.

The greater your site’s visibility on search engines, the higher the number of visitors on your site – it’s interlinked.

Search engines like Google or Bing have bots that, with the help of standardized algorithms, analyze and then build a hierarchy of websites based on the visibility they deserve.

Unfortunately, you cannot make your way to the top of the hierarchy just by paying these search engines.

The only way to get to the top of the ranking order is to make a genuine effort of enhancing your website and making it worthy of higher visibility via SEO Optimization.

It would help if you had SEO reporting tools that check your website to ensure that they are on the right track to gain visibility.

We will discuss some of the best and well-known SEO tools – Ahrefs, Semrush, and Keysearch.  


Ahrefs is an SEO tool that provides all the required services under one roof.

It analyzes your and your competitors’ websites. It also informs about what your target market is searching for and the type of content your visitors seek, helping you achieve a high visibility level. In addition, it monitors your ranking growth.

It has a vast customer base with a good record of clients feedback which makes it stand out in the market of SEO reporting tools.

They are known for regularly updating their algorithms to give their customers access to the latest data.

Additionally, they also follow the ongoing trends in the market to provide their customers with upgraded services.

They offer small SEO tools such as:

1. Site Explorer

This tool assists you in analyzing the backlinks of your website’s profile and the web pages of your competitors. Moreover, it also helps you in discovering essential keywords to increase the visibility of your site.

2. Content Explorer

Content Explorer is a tool offered by Ahrefs that assists you in finding out the content with the highest number of shares.

3. Keywords Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a tool that provides you with appropriate and suitable keyword suggestions.

4. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a tool that monitors the position of your website within a hierarchy of website visibility.

5. Site Audit

Site Audit is responsible for inspecting the problems in your SEO and informing you about them.

Overall, Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools to provide you with the services mentioned above to keep you ahead in the visibility race.


SEMrush is an SEO reporting tool that provides its customers with keyword suggestions and rank monitoring tools.

Its extensive customer base and solid feedback are evidence that SEMrush is a high-quality SEO reporting tool.

They have an SEO Toolkit that consists of about 20 small SEO tools and accommodates you in improving your website.

SEMrush provides you with a set of keywords that are relevant to your market.

The following are the two categories of SEMrush tools you can use:

1. Competitive Research Toolkit

The Competitive Research Toolkit provides you with the tools mentioned below.

The Traffic Analytics tool gives you access to analyze the approach used by your competitors, and it also informs you about the target market of their business and how it engages with their site.

Domain Overview is a tool that gives you a summary of a domain’s authentic keywords, monetized ads, and backlinks.

The Market Explorer assists you in discovering your niche market to be able to fulfill the requirements of the audience that is in search of your services.

Organic research is one of the tools of Competitive Research, which gives you a report of your competitor’s keywords that get the most visitors.

Keyword Gap informs you of the keywords that your competitors use, but you do not.

Additionally, Backlink Analytics gives you access to see the places from where your competitors get their backlinks.

Advertising Research guides you in terms of how your competitors monetize their ads and in regards to their advertising plans.

The Content and Social Media tools like Brand Monitoring, Topic Research, and Post Tracking help you monitor your competitor’s social media presence.

2. Keyword Research Tools

This category has three types of tools: Keyword Overview, Organic Traffic Insights, and Keyword Magic tool that assist you in finding the most appropriate keywords to target.

Link Building Tool is all about helping you perform research on the backlinks of your competition. It has tools like Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, and Link Building Tool – all of these will aid you in bringing a large audience to your website.

The rank tracking tool is a category that has tools like Position Tracking and Sensor, which accommodate you in monitoring the progress of your site and the rankings of your keywords.

Lastly, the On-Page and Technical SEO tools assist you in making a website with customized coding to increase its visibility.

Considering the services Semrush provides its customers with and its efficiency, it is safe to say that this is an SEO reporting tool that you can not miss out on if you are searching for SEO tools to increase your website’s visibility.


It is an SEO reporting tool; its name might suggest that it is only about keyword research, but it goes way beyond.

It is a complete SEO reporting tool that provides you with all the small SEO tools you need to get on top of the ranking hierarchy.

The Keysearch keyword tool allows you to find suitable keywords that will focus on your niche.

This tool also aids you in analyzing your competitors in depth. It also has a feature that gives you data regarding the algorithm of Google.

Moreover, Keysearch monitors the position of your website in the ranking hierarchy and sends you alerts and notifications relevant to the ranking progress to keep you updated.

It is safe to say that you will be utterly satisfied with Keyword Research Tool if you are looking for SEO reporting tools.


These tools will help you gain visibility for your website, attract an audience, and convince them to engage on your website.

The three SEO reporting tools mentioned above are some of the best SEO tools that a business may need to stay ahead in the game.

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